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Reading: Good Housekeeping Kitchen Gets a Chic Makeover with Caesarstone

Good Housekeeping Kitchen Gets a Chic Makeover with Caesarstone

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Whether you’re making dinner for your family or working on homework with your children at the kitchen table, these days now more than ever, you spend a lot of your time in the kitchen. Therefore, it’s worth revamping every once in a while!

A perfect place to start? Fresh countertops and backsplashes — surfaces that’ll go a long way in giving the heart of the home a new feel. In fact, that’s exactly why the Good Housekeeping Institute upgraded when their Kitchen of the Future needed a refresh.

Ten years ago, the Good House Keeping Institute installed Caesarstone countertops for its durability and low-maintenance care. Ten years later, and they still look brand new. So this time around, the Good Housekeeping Institute went with a timeless Empira White countertop and backsplash. They also chose Rugged Concrete for the island (complete with a built-in power outlet for appliances galore). Caesarstone is also proud to be a GH sealer holder.

Check out the video to see the full kitchen transformation and for more information check out this GH article!