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Los Angeles, CA — April 11, 2017 — Caesarstone, luxury quartz surface manufacturer, is launching five new colors in spring 2017 as part of the ever-growing Classico collection.


This new group of colors include never-before-seen hues that offer a modern look with the ease of Caesarstone care and maintenance. These new options, based on market feedback and demand, present unparalleled quality, durability, and the ease of Caesarstone surface material. Slabs are non-porous, heat, stain and scratch resistant. Caesarstone offers a lifetime warranty on all slabs.

The 2017 new colors include: 

Montblanc (5043): Montblanc is characterized by a harmonious light grey base infused with rich warm lines that vary in width, reflecting the unique qualities of natural stone. The combination of timeless colors enriches the texture with depth and interest to add a new, heightened perspective to your space.

Moorland Fog (6046): A rich, creamy light-colored base tinted with a touch of taupe, this color offers softer hues, embellished with light and dark veining to elegantly reflects the depth of genuine granite.

Turbine Grey (6313): Inspired by the energy of the wind, swirls of white and dark grey veins tessellate atop a classic grey base. Turbine Grey is versatile and thrives in surfaces of either grand expanses or in moderate spaces. Nature’s elements are in play as this color has the spirit to live in anywhere from family-friendly spaces to vintage places.

Georgian Bluffs (6134): Unveiled at KBIS 2017, Georgian Bluffs offers a timeless design that is defined by soft grey tonalities and delicate veining, presenting a striking yet refined natural texture.

White Attica (5143): Also displayed at KBIS 2017, White Attica is characterized by deep, dramatic black veins juxtaposed to a vivid white background and finished with subtle hints of grey. Elegant, yet robust, White Attica compliments any style interior with its ease.

To receive samples of new colors, please email Kendal@ballantinespr.com.

About Caesarstone:
Caesarstone is a leading developer and manufacturer of premium quality quartz surfaces. Established in 1987, the company pioneered the quartz surface and continues to manufacture high-quality surfaces utilizing advanced technologies and proprietary knowhow. Caesarstone surfaces consist of up to 93% quartz, retain the cool tactile qualities of nature's strong stones while offering freedom of design with enormous application possibilities including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall paneling, furniture and more. Caesarstone offers a product that is highly functional, design forward and beautiful, all at the same time.

The unique and rich variety of colors, patterns and textures gives each customer the ability to find their 'ultimate surface' and create their own unique space. Caesarstone's extensive designs are constantly evolving and developing to meet the latest world trends and the highest level of international quality standards.

Caesarstone Sdot Yam Ltd is a public company (Nasdaq: CSTE) as of March 2012. The company's U.S. subsidiary's headquarters are located in Southern California with distribution centers across the country to serve customers nationwide. In May 2015, Caesarstone opened its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Richmond Hill, GA and now offers products also made in the USA.

For more information about Caesarstone, visit the website here, like us on Facebook, connect with us on Twitter, or visit our blog Interior Collective.

Media Contact:

Erika Egede-Nissen

Media Relations Director, Caesarstone USA