Inspiration from the Unexpected

Inspired by luxury, playfulness, and an unrelenting passion for the extraordinary, Caesarstone has introduced two new colors to expand our diverse collection.
5143 White Attica
An alluring combination of dense, dark and mild grey veins that ebb and flow across a clean, flawless white base. Inspired by the classic natural marble of architecture from the ancient world, White Attica blends strength with beauty, tradition with style. This Caesarstone color seamlessly merges modern and classic design elements. Elegant, yet robust, White Attica complements any style interior with its ease.
6134 Georgian Bluffs
An opaque grey surface with delicate streams of subtle charcoal veins that produce a versatile and classic, yet refined texture. Georgian Bluffs, one of our newest colors, is dexterous as it naturally compliments many different design styles from farmhouse to industrial. It can feel natural, modern, rustic or minimalistic.